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Welcome and Hello!


My name is Ruth Proulx, and I am the owner and operator of Mountain View Psychological in Grande Prairie, Alberta where I work as a therapist, facilitator, consultant and educator. After being born and raised in the Northwest Territories, I moved to Alberta on a volleyball and soccer scholarship where I studied both social work and psychology. Due to my passion for both fields, I am now a Registered Social Worker who graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary and, I am a Registered  Psychologist who graduated with a Masters of Science in Psychology from Walden University. 

Over the years, I have completed many certifications and training's pertaining to a number of areas in counselling. Currently, I specializes in trauma, sexual and relational violence, relationships, addictions, attachment as well as rural, remote and Indigenous practice. And, I have also supervised many Social Work, Psychology and Nursing students. As an awarded Canadian humanitarian and, as a Witness to the House of Commons special committee on violence against Indigenous women, I am dedicated to trauma informed best practice and education.


Besides my professional pursuits, you may find me volunteering my time with many non-profit groups, athletics programs and philanthropy clubs. I am proud to say that I have played collegiate sports in both volleyball and soccer, and I am a reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces (CIC). 


I believe that our most difficult times can become some of our biggest opportunities. Hence, why I use Napoleon Hill's quote on my home page. I am always honored to work with my clients through these challenging times. If we allow ourselves to work through it, we have the opportunity to get what we truly want out of our lives. 

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